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The final report is composed by four chapters

Each of them with:

Intended audience of these reports: privacy researcher, a web developer, a network analyst or a technologist. Inside you'll find boxes with green colored background, these sub-chapters are intended for technical audience and are used to explain the tool capabilities.

Access to the full report, or pick the chapters individually:

  1. Web trackers: impact, analysis, typology (status of existing researchs, basic use cases, first insight)
    use case: Institutions and web security, Latin America, Italy
  2. Running a worldwide analysis, organizing samples for comparate research (the BadActor use case, the findings)
    use case: Latin American clinics
  3. Overcame researcher limitation (social network feed vs defined URL list)
    use case: Italian election 2018
  4. WebApp fingerprinting
    use case: Argentinian elections and WTO