The project wants to show the privacy and security impact of third party trackers.

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The code produced is the main product of this website. Said code, help in creation of website and analysis intended to raise awareness on websites third party for a targeted audience.

You want do third party trackers privacy and security assessment. You know the context who has to be assessed, and you pick the target. for example "american muslims, healthcare users, citizen of a specific country, social media sources). Create an appropriate list of target websites, (and optional, if you have audience to outrich and not just for analysis, create the website text);

Here is provided a technology to get graphs, analysis, and what the privacy campaign needs.

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  • Claudio Agosti, since November 2016 to November 2017 is an Open Technology Found, fellow on the Information Controls Fellowship Program.

    Currently guest of Coding Rights Formerly in Tactical Tech previously dedicated on the FLOSS whistleblowing platform GlobaLeaks.

    Freshly become Research Associate university of Amsterdam.