⛅ About the project

long story short: rsa3808/0xBE7EB8EA 2016-10-07 [SCEA] [expires: 2018-04-30], Twitter, expect 80% entertainment, 20% content

Claudio Agosti, living in Rio de Janeiro, since November 2016 to November 2017 I'm an Open Technology Found, fellow on the Information Controls Fellowship Program.

Currently guest of Coding Rights Formerly in Tactical Tech previously dedicated on the FLOSS whistleblowing platform GlobaLeaks

⛅ ?

Assuption: I'm incapable to paint logos or to take any graphic decision without mixing purple and yellow..

Therefore, when I need some kind of symbolism, I look upon the Unicode table; For the invi.sible.link project, the sun behind the clouds is an optimistic statement: to enlight the othewise shady phenomena of the online trackers.